Friday, March 7, 2014

Vstring Revolution Silicone

Jessy Juggs and me show you the new fitted mesh Vstring Revolution Silicone breasts.  This is a new technology to Second Life and while many Third Party Viewer makers have updated. Sadly Firestorm currently not compatible.They are "Guesstimating" they may have an update out around the 9th March 2014.

If you cant wait the update, use this little trick:

1/ Go in to the firestorm directory on your PC, copy and back up avatar_lad.xml and avatar_skeleton.xml from the Characters folders.

2/ Download and install the official Linden Lab Viewer. Find the character directory and copy avatar_lad.xml and avatar_skeleton.xml, then go back to the Firestorm folder, and paste them in to the character folder.

Enjoy! xoxo

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